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Front Porch Mini Order Form

To help financially cover travel + time for Makayla Beth Photography's FREE Social Distancing - Front Porch Minis, place your print order below! Please fill out the form in full, and I'll be in touch ASAP with your total (including tax + shipping) to finalize your order! Thank you! - Makayla Beth


Q: How do I know what my picture's file name is?

A: Follow the link below to the online gallery, find your photo + click on it, hover your mouse over the photo, and a highlighted bar should pop up over the bottom of the photo with a file name. (If you're still unable to find it, just describe the photo to the best of your ability and I'll double check with you when before I place the order!

Q: How much do these prints cost?

A: In the email you received with your gallery link, check the attached files and you'll find the print cost information there.

Q: How will I pay for the photos?

A: For now, payment can be made through a mailed or dropped off check, Venmo, or cash. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me back after you've received your final order approval email with the total amount due. Specifics will be emailed to you with the final amounts.

Q: How will I receive my prints?

A: Depending on location, prints may come by mail or be dropped off in person by yours truly! 

Q: You're absolutely amazing + I'd love to send a tip and lots of yummy snacks your way.. do you have Venmo or do you accept cash tips?!

A: Why thank you for asking! I accept all of the above! 😉 Specifics can be found in your email! 

Q: Where can I find you on social media, so I can see all your pretty pictures?!

A: You can find me on... Facebook: and Instagram:

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